Alexa Echo and net connectivity are inseparable. initially, you are required to establish an echo device by establishing to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi. use your Echo device effectivily, you are required to Download Alexa App for Android, iPhone and also you can Download Alexa App for Windows. Adhere to the below-mentioned steps for establishing Alexa to the WiFi Internet. here are some easy and simple to Connect Alexa to wifi.



  • 1. First download alexa app. If already downloaded, then please update it.
  • 2. In your Alexa app, under three horizontal lines, click on settings.
  • 3. Under settings, click on + icon to add device.
  • 4. Choose your Echo Device
  • 5. Click on “Continue”
  • When orange light blink, connect Alexa to wifi. read more